About LFM Metal

We at LFM Metal are a recycling company based locally in large premises in Saleng, Johor, south of Malaysia, strategically near the Senai Airport and west shipping port Tanjung Pelepas of Johor.

Our customers are local based from various industries. We provide their needs for used recycled materials in their businesses to create their products and provide their services. LFM Metal sell materials, spare parts, building metals and plastics are recycle processed by our team here and packed for collection or delivery to customers. We always are proud to be LFM Metal, providing the materials, spare parts, plastics and metals needs for local businesses and also being your choice recycle company in johor.

The Process of Sorting ReCycling Materials

We are doing the sorting and processing in the recycling process in our plant in Saleng, Senai. After we receive the raw goods from vendors and suppliers, we proceed to process and sort out the precious metals, materials and parts from the unusable. Then we put them into packaging based on their product category for storage for collect by or deliver to local customers.

1st Step


2nd Step


Final Step

Packing & Customer Pickup

ReCycling Process


We receive the unprocessed or not yet recycled materials, metals or parts.


We will sort process the mixed waste, materials and metals from manufacturing and other businesses.


We will pack the processed goods into packaging based on their product category.